File corruption and damage can happen due to things related to power supply, saving processes, malware, and things alongside them. Losing important files can be a huge hassle, hinder work productivity, and cause unwanted stress. 

Such a case is also the reason why there is a demand for tools that can restore and repair them. Indeed, it is possible to recover your corrupted digital files. We are much more capable now given that technology is continuously improving, thanks to the various developers worldwide. 

However, do not expect your PDFs to be recovered fully as how much can be restored might depend on how damaged they are. We have compiled the necessary procedures to effectively repair your PDF files. Learn to counteract file corruption from transpiring yet again. There’s ample to discover below, so stay tuned and continue reading.

Step 1: Know the Root Cause and Figure it Out From There

The first thing that you need to do is that you must resolve all existing issues that led to the file corruption before attempting to repair PDF. Doing so would ensure that your PDF document won’t be corrupted again after you have restored it with some tool. It might be quite challenging for you to identify what caused the file damage, so here are some possible reasons for it to happen.

Unstable power supply

It should be known that your computer is running numerous processes in the background while you are creating your work. A sudden power outage would result in these processes being halted and disrupted, which might cause some issues. For example, when saving your PDF document, the file might be corrupted if your computer unexpectedly shuts down.


Ensure a stable electric supply for your device. Of course, it is completely understandable if your area often suffers from power interruptions, as such a case is outside of your control. Do not just plug off your computer unintentionally or intentionally. Make sure that every program is closed and every work saved before correctly shutting it down.

Malware and viruses

The web contains many places where you can get malware and viruses. For instance, you might have connected to a public network that might be unsafe or opened an email from unknown sources. The next thing you might know is that a particular malware infiltrated your computer already and damaged your files as a result.


Investing in anti-malware and anti-virus software applications would be worthwhile. Though you might have to spend some money as they might require a paid subscription, such expense is worth it if you can protect your computer and important files from threats. Keeping up your firewall, steering clear of dangerous websites, and opening emails from trusted sources only are necessary.


Did you know that installing all the updates on your operating system and software applications fortify your security? Yes, that is indeed the case. These updates contain security patches that help resolve the issues with some vulnerable points in your defense system. Plus, they also update the functions and options on your software, making them more useful in your work.


Install all the updates when prompted. If you have a constricted schedule to do so, you can set the time where the computer can automatically update. Remember that your file is not necessarily damaged. The problem might be with your software application. Keeping it up-to-date is similar to keeping it in tiptop condition.

Step 2: Repair your PDFs using GogoPDF.

Now that all issues have been resolved, you can proceed with the PDF repair process. There are many ways to do this. One online search on the web is all it takes for you to know numerous online tools and software applications to help you achieve your goal. It doesn’t matter if you opt for paid or free tools because the choice is your discretion.

Using the various tools, keep in mind that restoring your PDFs should be easy, efficient, and free. You can do so in that manner by using GogoPDF’s Repair PDF. As a free online web service, all you have to do is go online and experience its friendly user interface. There is no need for software installation at all! Here’s how to use this excellent tool.

  1. Go to the website of GogoPDF’s Repair PDF.
  2. Choose and upload your damaged PDF files from your storage and to the website.
  3. The repair tool will attempt to recover your PDF automatically.
  4. Once the process is finished, you can now download your restored file.

Highest Quality Restoration

As mentioned before, there is no guarantee that your files would be fully restored. Depending on the damage, what could be restored would greatly vary. Nonetheless, GogoPDF’s Repair PDF guarantees that it will restore your file to the highest quality possible. Though not everything is repaired, you can still retrieve some pieces of information inside.

Step 3: Back up Your Files.

The utmost thing you can do to prevent the possibility of losing not only your PDFs, but all your files, is to back them up on another storage. This way, you would have duplicates of your files, so you can still retrieve them even when the ones on your computer got damaged. You can do this by getting a physical drive or creating an online storage account.

Regardless of your choice, it is important to commit some things to memory. Do not let your physical drive sustain any physical damage. Meanwhile, make sure to remember your credentials for the online storage. Sync them regularly so that every single file gets their duplicate and is retrievable in case file corruption occurs again.


File corruption and damage is indeed inevitable. There are all sorts of computer virus attacks,  unstable power supply, disruption in system and software upgrades, and the like. It is best to look for the best options to resolve them when they occur, or better prevent them from happening. With the help of GogoPDF, you can salvage all your files immediately.  


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