The scientific discoveries, inventions, intelligence, are truly crucial and held the importance of great value. Technological inventions are indispensable without them the humanity might fall heavily. The technological advances held respected value. Major parts of the world are facing through the great disaster. Global warming is getting worse by each passing day. The population is growing without any limit, indefinable disease which are yet unknown are roaming around here and there because of the very reasons, uncounted species are suffering of great destruction.

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Challenges of technology

The scarcity of water has been found in some of the regions, the fertility of land is getting weaker and weaker, the air which we take in, in the form of oxygen is no longer clean. There has been merged several of hazardous gases in it. The world is running out of crops and food. Which are the very essential necessities of life. Without them the life will never be sustainable. Most of the species are already in danger.

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Position of technology

No matter how much scientific society has made the great developments in the world even. Presence of highly advanced gadgets at lower prices No doubt how much technology is getting advanced; technology has given us best discounts at every point of our life Men has discovered the power of wisdom.

But still the quality of world is no more that éclat as it was used to be. The state of being pure has been adulterated with impurities and unwanted elements. Which is likely going to end the world all by itself. The world in no doubt is liable to come to an end. It is what they call doomsday. The great event is going to become one day which only God knows when.

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Technology and life

The latest scientific studies and technology do believe that the day is approaching with the acceleration of the great rate. All The scientific studies and technologies do shows that the universe is accompanying that much planets, stars, asteroids, meteoroids which are as much as the sand’s of grain present at the seashores of all the seas in world. Which our earth itself is surrounded by uncountable asteroids which are roaming all besides the planet. The scientific knowledge and the knowledge gained from the technology estimates those asteroids weighing of valuable mass hits the planet earth. Just after hitting that very asteroid the earth in no doubt will be facing undesirable conditions the way which sunlight passes through. And enters in the horizons of earth will all be blocked by that cloud which was formed during the hitting action.

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Technology and nature

The sun provides light, heat, and energy. That is the function of the sun. Is technology being able to alternate and compete with the sun? As we can see with modern appliances of farming we can provide all the possible energy, nutrients, fertility which a plant drives from the sun. Another purpose of sun is providing light for us at that extent which illuminates the whole world. The technology has given us light in the form and of bulbs, tube lights, lanterns, lamps we can also purchase the neo technological and modern sources of light by using iconic lights discount codes the question of competency is yet unanswered.

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