There are so many sports apps out there that you may be under the impression there is a tsunami of information you need to wrestle with. Not so. Much of the information is same across all the apps, simply packaged in new ways.

Here are the three must-have apps that allow any true sports fan to cut through the noise and get the information they need:

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This app doesn’t have a sexy name, like Golf Shot or The Athletic, but it has something better: a simple and clean way to locate stats. If you are a fantasy league player or need up-to-the-minute scores and player percentages before logging into your online gambling apps, this is the place to go.

Yes, we all like flashy websites with lots of features and bright colors. But those are for entertainment purposes and idle browsing. When you need information and you don’t want to peel back 12 layers to find it, this is your source.

Yahoo is also on top of league trades. If you want to find out where a player in limbo currently stands on the trade or free agent circuit, this is a solid go-to news source. Fantasy players, take note. 


  • ESPN


This resource gets you the latest sports gossip first. If you are a sports fan and think that you’re not into gossip, think again. 

Quarterback arrested for a DUI and facing a two-game suspension? It’s going to affect your team. Sudden change in coaching staff because of five lost games in a row? Ditto. 

This app gets the news and gives it to you more quickly and more professionally than any other site out there, in my opinion. Plus, there are dozens of podcasts to choose from, such as “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show” and “Around the Rim.”

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Note to fantasy league players and sportsbook bettors: podcasts are where it’s at for the news behind the news. These are hosts who don’t just voice the latest headlines, but who know the backgrounds of the coaches and players, and who can tell you why a trend is developing, why a player is in a slump, and what a team can expect under a new coach. 

You know how, in movies, the president is briefed by the head of national security before going into a press conference? You are the president, and podcasts are the information being whispered in your ear. Sports gold; I’m telling you. 


  • Fox Sports Go


The Fox Sports Go is a free app that allows you to livestream games (NBA, MLB, NHL), but you do need to link the app to your wireless service (don’t worry, it just takes a few seconds to do and you’ll be glad you did). 

With schedules, news and games not covered by ESPN, Fox News Go is often used in conjunction with ESPN to create a complete sports resource. Whereas ESPN is associated most with games of national interest, Fox Sports Go provides coverage of local games as well, and even televises college and high school sporting events.

Because of Fox Sports’ focus on local coverage, the offerings will vary from area to area. 

Positive fan reviews point to the app’s unique ability to let them watch games while they’re standing in line at the DMV or catching up on the latest stats while sitting in a college lecture. And if you take online courses, you don’t even have to keep your device on the down low.

Highlights, interviews, and Fox Sports at your fingertips while you are on the move, going about your day, is what sports fans need, especially when their sport is in season. Yes, you have your TV at home, and a favorite sports bar with ginormous screens and tasty wings. But with this app even all the boring stuff in the middle can bring you closer to your game.

To Sum It Up

There are a bazillion sports apps out there (not an exaggeration…check your Google store), all seeking to create their own niche in the marketplace. If you have a favorite, great. But don’t risk missing out on stats and news. Keep your favorite app in addition to these three mainstays. You’ll be the most well-informed sports fan in the league, the pub, the sportsbook and the stadium. 

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