Editors are a crucial part of the publishing process, no matter what type of writing you’re doing. Some people might argue that editors have become obsolete with the introduction of editing apps and digital software. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best digital editing software for writers, as well as some great free apps for writers. Editing apps and tools for writers are easy to use, and some of them are free. The editing process is very fast, which means you can go through the document in no time.

The appeal to these digital editors is that they make it easy to edit your work on the go or when you’re on your laptop. Some may even argue that writing can be done anywhere as long as an internet connection is available. This article will explore some of the most common editing tools for editors. 


GogoPDF is one of the tools that can assist you in suitably presenting your writing. While it isn’t exactly a text editor, it can assist you with all your file conversion needs. If you organize your document and you’d like to delete pages from PDF, Gogo PDF is the tool to turn to.  

Also, the software is versatile, and you can access it with any device. It is also secure to use as the system deletes your text after about one hour. Using this conversion service is easy. To delete extra pages from your PDF file, all you have to do is upload your file to the site, select the pages you want to delete, and click on delete. In less than 5 minutes, your final document is ready for download.


Editors are great tools to help writers edit and perfect their writing by fixing grammar and spelling mistakes and giving a second opinion on the work presented by the writer. These apps help editors with the tedious work of spotting mistakes in the written text by offering tools to fix them on the go or at home. Editing software such as Grammarly can also be used to help improve sentences. Grammarly is an editing app that helps fix grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and more in written content – all in real-time!

Grammarly provides a variety of editing tools for writers and editors. It offers an online editor, browser extension, word plugin, and desktop app. The online editor is free to use, and the desktop app is $29.95 per month or $139 for an annual subscription.

Grammarly has changed the way people think about spelling and grammar mistakes because it’s now easily fixable with this tool. Users do not have to worry about embarrassing errors on social media or their writing, as Grammarly will alert them beforehand. Suppose you are thinking about buying Grammarly over other editing tools. In that case, it is a good investment because it can be used on multiple devices and across different platforms- so you are never worried about making basic errors while writing. 

It does not just edit spelling errors. The tool also helps to improve the tone and style of writing. Grammarly also comes in different languages and can be used with OneDrive and Google docs while typing. It can be a beneficial tool in their professional list of writing tools, especially for writers who bulk create on a daily basis. 

Grammarly offers several packages for different types of users: The free version, which is ad-supported and has fewer features; Grammarly Premium that has all the features without ads; Grammarly Premium Plus with additional features; and Business with a range of premium features geared towards professionals such as lawyers, doctors, professors, etc. 


Ginger software is a useful tool for writers to explore and generate ideas. It offers easy spell-checking and free plagiarism scanning. It works as an assistant to help you edit your writing faster, plus it comes with an easy-to-use interface. The Ginger Editor app is a tool for proofreading, editing, and correcting the text.

Ginger software for writers is an app that uses artificial intelligence to correct text. It provides spell check, grammar check and can also be used to find the best word choice. It is a spelling and grammar writing app designed for editors, and they use AI. They provide suggestions, corrections and help find the best tone and structure to convey your message. 


Bloggers who write different kinds of online content like blog posts and tweets want their content published online without any grammar and spelling mistakes, and this is where ProWriting Aid comes in. With this tool, you can make fewer mistakes while writing and improve the chances of your article ranking high in google search.

Also, the tool’s text to speech feature assists people with spelling disorders and different writing disabilities, like dyslexia, spell, and their voice gets decoded by the microphone and converted to text. People who aren’t always so confident about the grammatical rules of writing can use this grammar checker software to repair their errors.


5.Hemingway Editor


Hemingway Editor is a comprehensive web-based platform where writers can easily and quickly check for grammatical errors in their work. The app gives you suggestions on your writing style and provides you with a readability score so you’ll understand how easy or difficult your readers would find your writing. Hemingway is one of the most useful apps for editors because it gives in-depth feedback on your articles. 


Editing and proofreading are essential skills for all writers. Luckily, this task has become much easier with the help of technology. Editors and proofreaders have always been crucial to the writing process. Still, with the advent of digital editing tools, they can now do their job faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Nowadays, there is a range of software that can be used for editing and proofreading purposes. However, each of these applications differs in terms of features and ease of use, so it’s essential to consider which app will best suit your needs.

Choosing the right software to edit your documents should be an informed decision because different programs have different features that everyone might not need. 


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