The sun is up and summer is in its heyday! We all know that summer is such an enjoyable season, because it means we get to relax and lay off of work, school, and other stressful matters in our lives. We now have a certain level of ease to go to the beach, be one with nature, and enjoy our getaway with the people we love! As we entertain these plans that we have put off because of our busy schedules. Going out to enjoy the summer heat isn’t just all about relaxing, it is also flaunting your best fashion wardrobe, so you can take amazing photos too.  If you need to know what the trendy summer outfits are, then stick to this article to have an idea on what your next wardrobe should be. 

1. Dive Watches

Since summer is all about showing some skin, wearing only flimsy clothing to enjoy the summer heat, there is little opportunity for your clothes to be the best thing about your outfit. Summer is all about choosing the right clothing that will showcase your body because that is what the season is flaunting. However, you should not underestimate accessories. Your style secret weapon? Never underestimate watches! Since you will go out to the beach, this is the best time to flaunt your TAG Heuer watches or your Diesel watches—anything that is perfect for fun and adventure!

2. Button-down Shirt Dress

Rock the beach with your button-down shirt dressed as a cover-up while wearing your bikini. This outfit is perfect for looking decent enough to head to lunch or dinner after a dip in the water and not be too overdressed once you decide to go back to the beach. Choose a piece made of light materials for it to dry quickly in case you have splashed a bit.

3. Loose Jumpsuits

The perks of summer include wearing fashionable and comfortable clothes, like wearing loose jumpsuits! What is there to hate about wearing loose clothing that is comfortable and fashionable? Loose jumpsuits are also stylish ways to cover up which you can also wear for sweet, breezy summer night parties. Aside from this, you will not have a problem fitting this to your luggage because it is easy to pack! For summer, white jumpsuits will make you look chic! Do not forget to accessorize.

4. Bandeau With High-waisted Pants

We kind of retract our earlier statement when we said that showing skin makes it difficult for you to flaunt your clothes. Upon seeing the beautiful bandeaus that have been raging in magazines and stores, we are now a convert. Channel your inner Vanessa Hudgens and sport a bandeau! You can also wear this in case you just want to chill at the beach. You can also wear this top even if you will just go out of your house and hang out! Pairing a bandeau will look extra hot with high-waisted pants.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to repeat the clothes they wear, bandeaus are perfect. The key is choosing different fabrics, prints, and colors for your bandeaux, so this look will always look unique! Hoop earrings and chokers can complete the look.

5. Bandana

Aside from channeling Vanessa Hudgens for your beach trip, why not try to let out your Alicia Keys and wear a bandana? Wearing a bandana has lots of perks, too, more than you think. Bandanas will be your best friend for bad hair days or for protecting your hair from the dust or the sun. Plus, you will look extra chic with a bandana on especially if you pair it with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

6. Matching Skirt Set

This summer, people are getting fond of wearing matching skirt sets! Walk in the sunshine as if you are walking on the streets of Italy on a warm summer day—this is the feel that matching skirt sets give you. Be it for beachwear or for casual clothing, matching skirt sets are always a good idea. For your beach trip, you can wear a matching maxi skirt, perfectly complemented by a matching cropped top or tie-front top. Do not forget accessories to match them up!

7. Crochet tops

Another thing that we have proved this summer is the comeback of crochet tops. Forgoing out to the beach, crochet tops are the perfect pieces to wear because they are light, stylish, and give you a strong outdoorsy or beachy feel. You do not even need to buy crochet tops—you can just make them! Crocheting is perfect if you fiddle a lot or need your fingers to be doing something before you focus.

8. Silk Pants and bikini

Comfortable and oh-so-fashionable—these are our reactions upon seeing this duo. Who would think that a silk bold-colored bikini will look great with printed silk pants? A flowy silk pant beautifully complements the boldness of your bikini. It has a balance of being showy (because of your bikini) and being bundled up at the same time.

9. Sun Hat

Let the days that our heads are naked be gone! Every summer is all about being stylish from head to toe and that includes wearing a sun hat! Some of you might not see many people wearing sun hats anymore, but a shade from the sun and additional fashion points will always be a good idea. If you want more drama for your sun hat, choose a bigger one!

Express Yourself

Here are just some of the trendy looks you can sport this summer. For sure, there are lots of other trends that may not be included in this list. Fashion is a freedom of expression, which is why there might still be other trends that you may like! The important thing is you should be comfortable with yourself. Do not be afraid to express yourself and have fun with different summer looks. You can look up more styles and research for inspiration, and there will always be the right summer style for you!

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