YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing channels that a digital marketer has to his disposition. By leveraging the marketing strategy through YouTube videos and shares a number of online business have gained new customers, leveraged their presence in the competitive market and realized exceptional marketing goals. 

YouTube is constantly evolving and changing. Gone are the days when the medium was used for funny videos. Recently, YouTube is the place for online marketers and is dominated by them. Recent statistics state that more than a billion hours of YouTube videos are watched on a daily basis. When used effectively, YouTube can serve as a powerful business tool. To boost sales and to achieve marketing goals it is important to attract more views. Here we will elaborate on the best ways to enhance the YouTube views to achieve your marketing goals. 

Nine ways to increase your YouTube Views:

  • Feature the video on the YouTube Page:

Immediately after adding the video to the channel ensure the video gets featured on the front page. This will help the video reach a large number of audience as people looking at the YouTube page of the organization will wish to see the most current video. This also makes the organization look up to date and relevant and the video will also be at the center of attraction of the viewer. 

  • Choose the ideal thumbnail:

Instead of allowing YouTube to choose the thumbnail automatically, it would be interesting to do it yourself. With the help of the screenshot feature of the computer, it is possible to capture an image from the video and upload the same to the video settings. It is important to get the title interesting and to the point. Make the title viewer centric and attractive for them to open it. It is also beneficial to keep the video title short and crisp.

  • Pick SEO friendly tags:

It is not just you but your competitors as well who are using the platform as a search engine. To benefit from the competitive force, and to buy YouTube Views think on how your supporters will search for keywords and make sure that those keywords get included with the video tags. People generally search videos with the help of some keywords and not at the basis of its detailed descriptions.

  • Include an appropriate video description:

Apart from including a good video to your webpage, include a video description that tells the people a story instead of describing what is actually happening in the video. It is important to be entertaining with this marketing tool and not to spoil the description areas to target the messaging points. 

  • Take advantage of the non-profit annotations on YouTube:

Not many marketers have known the benefits of video annotations. Annotations should make up at least 30 seconds of the video and should feature right before the end of the video. It is also good if the annotations provide a link to space where the people can take action. 

  • Include the transcript of the video in English and also in Spanish:

The major target of online marketers is consumers in the United States. More than 38 million people in the US speak Spanish and it is beneficial to upload transcripts for the video in both the languages. The video will also start to appear in English and Spanish YouTube searches. This increases the likelihood of the audience finding the video on YouTube easily. 

  • Post frequently:

It is true that people don’t click on every link that is posted on the social media platforms of an organization. It is thus important to post the video regularly on the social media pages, at least once in a month so as to keep the posts fresh. Headlines and the images that one feature should also be changed to keep the posts fresh. This will help in enhancing the viewership dramatically and increase the exposure to a new audience.

  • Add a pop up on the website:

A video offers an excellent opportunity to let people know more about the organization. If you don’t use a lightbox or a pop up, ensure that the video is featured somewhere at the homepage of the website. Negotiate placements well ahead of time, and place them accordingly where people would love to see them. 

  • Add watermarks to the videos:

Watermarks help to gain more subscribers and free YouTube views by promoting the channel across all the existing videos. Watermark is just an image that we can set to appear on all the videos. Most of the brands use their logo as their watermark and use this as their strategy to buy YouTube Views. 

Final words:

The first step towards success ding in YouTube marketing is to create great content that the target audience would love. Then optimize the content and channel and promote the content through the channel.

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