There are a lot of new bloggers that are still clueless about how to start their first guest post. It will take less than 20 minutes to start your first post. Guest blogging is for everyone who wants to increase their own blog’s exposure. It is also to meet and make contacts with a lot of other bloggers and influencer. 

What is a blog? A blog is a website run by a person or a company to promote themselves or to spread awareness in general. You write blogs about a specific topic and you do so to inform something to others or entertain the audience. 

Guest blogging is to write your content and post it on someone else’s blog. You do it as a part of link building methods to increase your site traffic. One of the main reasons why you do guest blogging is backlinking. Backlinks will help you to compete with the millions of other blogs and it will rank you accordingly. 

But a good blog post which can be received by the blogger outreach services can also be lacking some other features. Thus, here we are giving you a simple and easy guide to your first guest blog. Follow these tips and you will be okay to start your first guest post. 

  1.   Before beginning to write a blog post, ask yourself a few questions:

Before you start working on your blog post, ask yourself a few questions about a few areas. The content you wrote for your guest blog, is it worth posting? Is it grammatically correct? Would you read it if someone else posted it? Would you click on the title? Is it interesting enough to pull the crowd to your blog? If even one of these questions’ answer is no, then you need to work on your blog again. 

  1.   Choose which kind of guest post you want to write.

Different types of guest posts are being written by people all over the world. You have the guides, the lists, the case studies, reviews, travel or food experiences, infographics, etc. Readers love to read the guides and they like it detailed. They would even love to go through some uniques lists which they never knew about. You can create this blog by using some research on the internet on the topic you are going to write. 

Infographics are a big hit these days and they provide a lot of engagement than any other blog posts. 

If your first guest post is an infographic then you are in for a successful blogger career. Infographics are not exactly guest posts but you can add them in your blog to make it more interesting. 

  1.   Know the characteristics of a guest post:

When you finally pitch in your guest post blog idea to the guest website and they accept your proposal to go ahead, you need to keep the characteristics of a guest post in mind. If your guest blog post has all these characteristics, then you are good to send the work to the blogger. Otherwise, work on it again.

 The characteristic of a good guest blog is creativity, uniqueness, informative, interesting, relevant, authentic, grammatically. Be careful as to do not write any grammatically incorrect or duplicated content. This is because Google Webmaster crawls on your website to find out the quality of your content and links. If it finds anything suspicious, then your blog is not ranked by it. 

In addition to this do not go for any random automatically generated blog posts. This is because it is made of some random words which do not make any sense. 

You should also keep these in mind:

  •   It should not be promotional
  •   No abusive or offensive words
  •   Not the right length. 
  1.   Prepare a checklist or a to-do list of a guest post. 

There may be a lot of problems heading in your way but simply ignore all of them and make a checklist on what all you are going to do. Here is what you are going to do:

  •   Research about the topic you are going to write
  •   Understand the similar guest posts
  •   Generate new ideas on the post.
  •   Understand what your audience wants to read about. 
  •   Discuss with different bloggers by taking the help of blogger outreach services about your ideas. 
  •   Understand the guidelines that need to be followed. 
  •   Write the post with an open mind and a relaxed state.
  •   Send the post to the blog and wait for any edits. 
  •   Send back the edits and relax as publishing your post will take time. 
  •   You can thank the blogger who accepted your guest post and now you can proceed to promote it. 

Final words

Thus, a guest blog operation is quite simple. Once your first guest post is successful you will automatically like to work on a second one and improve yourself gradually. You will understand the whole environment and you will be careful the next times.

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