The next version of Android is chock-full of new features, better security, and budget-friendly. For the first time in history, the Android Q is officially called Android 10 and doesn’t have a yummy dessert name to accompany it.

Say goodbye to tasty treats!

The Android Go 10 platform by Google is initially introduced in 2017 – featuring 1GB of memory or less, designed specifically for entry-level smartphones. The company, with the new Android 10 (Go edition), is now promising to enhance the user-friendly experience for entry-level device owners.

Google claims the new Android 10 offers more memory-efficient and faster switching between apps and is more reliable than before. App launch times are 10% faster than Android 9 (Go edition). Furthermore, Android 10 (Go edition) comes with Adiantum- a new form of encryption which can encrypt data while ensuring that your device performance is not affected. All these help make entry-level smartphones much more efficient and secure than their predecessors.

Additionally, Google announced that in the last 18 months, over 500 manufacturers had launched 1,600 plus devices running Android (Go edition). The good news is that a user can now pick up Go edition (Ultra-low budget phone) for as low as $27.

Let’s see what more Android 10 (Go edition) has to offer:

  • Better Space-Saving space, wherever it’s needed

More storage out of the box

With much lighter fewer pre-installed android apps, you get 2x more available storage. Now you can control how your content is stored. Storage issues solved.

Built to use less-50% smaller app size

Brand new apps designed for lighter downloads and updates help create more space while improving performance significantly. We call it a win, win.


File management app by Google to clean up and free up space with smart suggestions. It helps to find data faster by using filters instead of searching for long in folders and share files offline at breakneck speeds.

  • Better Performance- Google apps, reimagined

Gallery Go

Gallery Go is a fast, light, and offline gallery optimized for your Android smartphone. With one-tap editing, your photos will look great, and you will easily be able to search that image you’re looking for with automatic organization. By building a smooth smartphone experience with enhanced apps, you can email, find directions, get answers, and play games faster than ever.

Built for enhanced user experience, the new Google Go feature of Android 10 (Go edition) makes it easy to find queries, tops apps and websites, trending gifs at blazing speed and images, with minimal typing. Isn’t it amazing?

Google Assistant Go

Did you know for the first time ever in Android history Google assistant is available? Yes, that’s true. This feature is now available in 1GB or less memory phones. Tell it to do things, ask it questions. It’s lighter, smart, and always ready to help you.


Everything that you want in a keyboard is present in Android 10 (Go edition). Voice typing, auto-correct, and multilingual typing help you communicate faster and more efficiently.

  • Data Saving- Data that has your back

Data Saver

Manage which apps are enabled and get to use your data and when. With a built-in data manager, you get more options to control your apps.

Peer-to-Peer Sharing

You can share your favorite content from anywhere.  Send videos, laugh, and play using Files without impacting your data.  Now, when you share an app via Play-approved peer-to-peer apps, Play can determine shared app authenticity while your mobile device is offline, and will add those shared apps to your Play Library.


Chrome is equipped with a data saver. When you turn on chrome, it limits background data and helps the user to save up to 60% of mobile data.

  • Security-that never sleeps

Find My Device features built-in

If your device is lost, don’t worry! You can track it down. You can wipe it clean or set a passcode just by logging into your Google account from some another device.

Scans all app installs

No matter from where you download an app from, it scans all app installs, even when you’re offline.

  • App Developers-It’s Go time


Android has teamed up with app developers to introduce a brand new and reliable suite of apps to the forefront of your cellphone.

Next, you might be thinking, will my Galaxy smartphone get Android 10?

Your Galaxy smartphone is likely to get Android 10 if it has Android 8.0 Oreo OS, which means that any Galaxy phone that was launched with Android 7.0 or earlier versions will not be eligible to receive Android 10. So, suppose if you have flagship Samsung A30s that runs on Android v9.0 (Pie) is likely to get 10 version.

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Last words

With the new more app choices for the users, Android (Go edition) brings up better performing phones with a broader range of options for more people coming online for the very first time. Furthermore, Samsung will eventually be telling its users what mobile devices and tablets are eligible for the Android 10 update.

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