Be it grocery, food, clothes or food, customers want everything at their doorsteps. Thanks to on-demand apps like Uber for grocery to achieve such a feat. Within a few taps, customers can get the professionals services as per their exact needs and in the minimum time.

If you have a grocery shop or simply want to connect shoppers to customers, then, you can use on-demand apps. Business owners can charge a percentage on every order placed.

Know how Customers use this App

  1. Customers can select any type of service from the menu list.
  2. Customers will have to add contact and address details.
  3. They will have to select the preferred time for delivery.
  4. The grocery will be delivered at the selected time.

Now, customers can log in any time through social media platforms and phone numbers.

Factors to be considered while designing the App

Designing the app requires consideration. Apps should be designed from the customers’ standpoint; this is the key factor for any successful app. Apps should allow customers to create online lists for grocery. Furthermore, options should allow the insertion and removal of the list as per customized requirements.

Features to Add

  • Easy to Use

Apps should be user-friendly in every aspect; for example, users can easily understand and use apps. 

  • Multicurrency & Language Support

This option will help users to get updates on their preferred language and currency. Users can customize apps as per their needs or requirements.

  • Manage Address

Users can add or change the address where grocery will be delivered. Furthermore, they can track using GPS.

  • Referral Option

Users can refer the app through social media channels and earn discounts and promo codes for subsequent orders. For example, customers can share through Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

  • Creative Interface

The design of the apps should be creative and compelling. Theme-based or attractive graphics also play an important role in luring customers. An outdated design can decrease customers’ retention rate.

  • Multiple Payment Gateway

Customers or users can pay through different channels like credit cards, debit cards, and multiple payment options. Users can easily choose the preferred method to pay for any type of service. An integrated structure has become requisite; otherwise, customers can’t pay for any type of service. 

  • Advanced Booking Option

This option will let users or customers pay as per their needs. For example, customers or users can go for instant booking or schedule for later. Such features are a prime consideration for any advanced app.

  • Customizable App

A customizable app will let developers change, in apps, as per future needs or requirements. Thus, developers can add new features and change existing features.

  • Tracking

Users or customers can track their requested order or services. GPS location will show the live location of delivery men. Apps like Uber feature live share options helping customers to share their current location.

There will be three apps for business owners, customers and service panel. The dashboard will help business owners to manage all apps. They further get a detailed view of orders, request, cancellation, ratings, and other essentials.

  • Chat Option

This option will help connect customers to solve their queries. In case of any problem or query related to orders, customers can directly talk to customer care executives.

  • In-app Navigation

Delivery men can reach the designated destination using the in-app navigation feature. The app comprises GPS connectivity to trace locations of customers.

  • Digital Service Delivery Proof

Customers or users register their signatures as proofs after the delivery. This will help businesses to maintain the track record of total orders.

  • View Earnings

This option is exclusively for service providers; they can keep eye on their total earnings.

  • Toggle Availability

Servicemen can show their presence with the help of this option. This option is exclusively for delivery men.

  • Profile Creation

Service providers and customers can create their profiles on the apps. This can be done with the help of this option.

  • Data Analytics

Owners can get a detailed view of the progress of the overall business. This will help to improve customers’ experience and business.

  • Alert & Reminders

Alert & reminders will notify service providers about their work status. Therefore, they can easily manage their work and mark them. 

The above features are important to create an advanced on-demand grocery delivery app. Apps like Uber have similar features. Now, business owners only have to monetize their apps for a good revenue.


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