TOS is advanced featured spy software that allows a user to track anyone activities remotely and secretly. One application of TOS is a WhatsApp spy app that specifically spies on targeted persons WhatsApp. A user can monitor all incoming and outgoing messages, audio calls, video calls, and shared files. It provides all WhatsApp information in real-time. A user can rely on it blindly as it keeps the user confidential. It also allows the user to put alarms like when the targeted person went online, an instant alert automatically goes to the user’s cloud account. So, user can start monitoring immediately.

TOS WhatsApp spy app provides 4 ways of spying on any WhatsApp.

  1. WhatsApp Keystroke
  2. WhatsApp Messenger
  3. WhatsApp voice messages
  4. WhatsApp Screen Recording

These all spy app for WhatsApp provide some information but work differently. Let’s look at each of them separately.

  • WhatsApp keystroke enables the user to spy on all typed words or letters by a targeted person on their WhatsApp. It helps the user to detect secret and out of sight things like all typed messages, deleted messages and secret WhatsApp password, etc.
  • WhatsApp Messenger allows the user to spy on all sent and received text messages. A user can track the conversations so they can know the talking tone of their loved one or employee.
  • WhatsApp Voice messages empower the user to spy on all incoming and outgoing voice messages, audio calls and video voices as well. A user can spy on voices to detect if any unknown is threatening their loved one by different numbers, so a user can detect the same voiced messages and calls and can take serious action against it.
  • WhatsApp Screen Recorder allows the user to spy on every single activity going on targeted WhatsApp. User can record 1-minute short back-to-back videos. It also allows the user to send a command of recording automatically. After recording the TOS automatically deliver all recording to the user dashboard, so the user can watch them when he/she gets free.

Why do we need to spy on someone WhatsApp?

Not everyone can use a spy app as it is not legal to view anyone private activities. But in some cases, it is legal. Like the parents are the guardians of their children, so they can monitor their kids all activities on WhatsApp. Parents can monitor to whom their kids are talking, and which type of language they are using, or if the kid is sharing any harmful content so parents can protect them by blocking other person or by taking any other action.

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Likewise, an employer can also spy on their employee’s WhatsApp. They can monitor which kind of content/data they are sharing, to whom they are texting, calling and sending voice messages. WhatsApp is most used, so it also affects employee productivity levels.

Besides that, an individual can use it to record their important activities. An individual can so use it to spy on their spouse endless chats or calls.

How you can start monitoring live with WhatsApp spy app?

It is very simple and easy to install the TOS WhatsApp spy app into your targeted device. We will tell you the process in simple steps.

  • First, you need to visit the TOS website and thoroughly check every plan and their packages.
  • Select the suitable package according to your device and ask for its subscription.
  • After getting a subscription, TheOneSpy cell phone spy app will send you an e-mail regarding the installation and other necessary information.
  • By following the instructions, install the TOS WhatsApp spy app into your targeted device. If you face any problem, you can also get the help of TOS expert technicians.
  • After that, go to your cloud account, log in it and activate the WhatsApp spy app.
  • All targeted WhatsApp data will be automatically delivered to your user cloud account. Now you can start instant monitoring remotely and in 100% secretly.


We concluded that the TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy app is an outstanding app that facilitates users with its dynamic and reliable features. A user can watch every single activity performed by a targeted person on their WhatsApp. It is the best surveillance spy app for WhatsApp among other TOS apps.

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