The ThinkPad line up of Lenovo is a laptop series always recognized across the world for its design since all of the laptops in the ThinkPad series have an almost identical design. The new ThinkPad X390 follows the tradition of its siblings and predecessors, the laptop has essentially the same design as every other ThinkPad except now it has smaller bezels. The X390 is available in a lot of specifications, the base variant of the ThinkPad X390 is priced at about $1,000 and comes with an Intel i5-8265U processor, 128 gigs of SSD storage and 8 gigs of RAM. The question here to ask ourselves is “is the ThinkPad X390 worth buying when there are already many more good laptops that offer a better design and features available in the market?”  here’s our full review for the 2019 Lenovo ThinkPad X390.

Design and Features

Like mentioned earlier the ThinkPad X390 is almost identical to every other ThinkPad, the ThinkPad X390 has got an all-black color. At the corner of the back of the lid is the diagonal ThinkPad logo, the same kind of logo can also be seen at the bottom right of the deck. The Deck is also fit for a small thin and light business laptop, the keyboard is also comfortable and has a normal layout although there is no number pad which might be an issue for some people but it’s adjustable since most of the laptops these days lack number pads. The Trackpad is positioned at the bottom-center of the deck, the trackpad is the same traditional ThinkPad trackpad with 3 dedicated physical buttons above it. The trackpad is smooth for the most part and is also running on windows precision drivers but we think that the trackpad could have been a bit bigger just for comfort reasons. There’s also a fingerprint sensor embedded right below the keyboard for additional security. The keyboard also has the track point button in the middle and the keyboard can light up with white backlight but the backlight keyboard is only available in some selected variants. You can get great discount on electronic items online using Amazon Coupon Code.

Lenovo ThinkPad X390

The screen on the Lenovo ThinkPad X390 is a 13.3 inches IPS panel with 1080p Full HD resolution, the screen can get plenty bright at 300 nits. The screen is surrounded by minimal side bezels but does have big top and bottom chins. The webcam is placed at the center of the top chin. The webcam is a 720p HD camera with Infrared meaning that it supports window hello for facial recognition. The webcam comes with a manual slider cover that Lenovo is calling the “think shutter” which covers the front of the lens for the sake of the user’s privacy. The laptop can also be bought with a touch screen. The screen has a matte finish and is almost visible from many different angles.

All-in-all the Lenovo ThinkPad X390 has a solid build quality and does feel premium in hand despite its average design. The laptop weighs only about 1.3 Kg and is just about 16.9 mm thick.

Performance and Specifications

The ThinkPad X390 is available in many different specifications depending upon the money you want to spend. The base model can be bought with an 8th generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor which is clocked at about 1.6 GHz and has four cores or you can buy the laptop with an i7-8565U processor with the same cores but a clock speed of about 1.8 GHz. Other than that, the price of the laptop varies on the basis of what size of RAM and storage you want. You can choose a RAM up to 16 GB and an SSD storage of up to 1 TB. However, there is something which remains the same in all the variants, for instance, the GPU. The Lenovo ThinkPad X390 only offers an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620, so there is definitely no space for gaming in this laptop. Another thing that remains the same is the display which is a 1080p Full HD IPS panel. Lenovo’s choice of putting no dedicated Graphics Processing Unit or a 4K display makes sense since there is no use of any of these in a business laptop.

The performance on the laptop is also good. you can do most of your day to day business stuff on this laptop, this is definitely only made for business purposes and another on the biggest perks of this laptop is its battery life. Lenovo claims that this laptop can get you more or less about 17 hours of battery life depending upon your usage. Moreover if you are looking for Mahindra and Mahindra recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it


The Lenovo ThinkPad X390 is a wonderfully thin and light business laptop. It packs all the things that an ideal business laptop should, for instance, it has a great battery life and another one of the best things about this laptop is the security measures that Lenovo has put in to protect the user’s privacy like the think shutter camera with windows hello and the fingerprint sensor. The performance and connectivity options are also ideal for business purposes. If you’re looking for a business laptop with great features and security you can definitely go for the Lenovo ThinkPad X390.

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