The year 1832 is a lucky year for watch lovers. It produces one of the oldest watchmakers in the world. The Longines watches have been around producing accurate, precise, and elegant watches respected in aviation timekeeping, equestrian sports, and diving.

Longines Watches History

In 1832, Auguste Agassiz gave birth to the Longines watch company in Saint-Imier in Switzerland. Its former name was Raiguel Jeune & Cie, run by two other people, Henri Raiguel and Florian Morel. However, in 1846, both Raiguel and Morel had retired and left the company in Agassiz’s care. Ernest Francillon, Agassiz’s nephew, joined the company to help his uncle. Fortunately, Francillon was a great help as he created many innovations that made Longines what it is today.

In 1866, Francillon bought land in Les Longines, which translates to the long meadows in English, and built a factory there. After a year, the company moved to this place and adopted the name of the said location.

Just a few years later, Longines created their first chronograph movement called 20H. This moment made them famous in the sports industry. Because it is precise and accurate, Longines became bigger and bigger. With this milestone, they started creating by breaking away with their suppliers in 1880.

Longines Collections

There is a high demand for top-notch watches, along with the number of copies of watches made. In 1889, Francillon listed the company at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property to protect their then growing business. Their name and logo are one of the oldest trademarks as it remains unchanged until today.

Longines Hydroconquest: Watch for a Dive

In 2007, the Longines Hydroconquest was released, making it the primary dive watch of its collection. These watches came in different materials and dial looks. The timepiece is equipped with a high-quality luminescent that is beneficial for time reading in low-light conditions.

Longines Hydroconquest Quartz in black has quartz Calibre L263, which costs only $1,000. If you are on a budget, this is the watch for you. Regardless of its low price, it is a watch that has many features. For only USD 1,000, it is already high water-resistant that can go over 300m or 985ft, which is perfect for divers. Apart from that, it also has a unidirectional valuable bezel for timing dives.

If you want to go mechanical, Longines watches have an automated version of this collection available for $1,600 only. This Hydroconquest Automatic Black is equipped with bells and whistles that are important for every dive. It also has a high water resistance that can go over 300m. Its looks come with a durable scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This look is perfect for professional or recreational divers.

Longines watches have their Hydroconquest Automatic Chronograph with additional chronograph function if you have more needs. It comes with a bonus feature, a 60-second hand, 30-minute counter, and 12-hour counter chronograph. You can do this unique feature along with the others for only $2,400.

Longines Traditional Watch

Longines Flagship Collection is the choice of simple watch lovers. When it came out in 1957, it received a lot of praise from watch fans. The watches in these models showcase a timeless and elegant design that most people would love.

Flagship Automatic

If you are looking for monochrome, The Flagship Automatic in silver is a perfect choice for you. You can purchase it for only $1,269. It comes in a 38.5mm diameter that is usual for dress watches and vintage-inspired pieces. Which only provides time and date features. It has a stainless steel case and wrist bracelet and runs in self-winding L888 caliber with 64 hours of power reserve.

Flagship Heritage Automatic White Dial Chronograph

Flagship Heritage Automatic White Dial Chronograph costs $3,300 and has a chronograph function including a 30-minute counter, a 12-hour counter, and a 60-second counter. It showcases a dial that remains clean against its milky white background that is perfectly matching the brown alligator strap that makes it perfect as a dress watch.

Flagship Heritage Automatic

This collection also offers Flagship Heritage Automatic for only $1,675. This is a perfect catch as it runs using L615 automatic caliber that gives 42 hours of power reserve. It is known for its black minute tracker that is placed just below the hour markers. This gives the illusion that it has a pie-pan dial. To add, its gold hands and hour markers complement its cream background.

Longines Tribute Watches: Treasuring History

Longines watches have also been made to honor those that inspire and influence their history. They re-release pieces that affect them using their designs equipped with today’s technology. These watches are in their Longines Heritage collection.

Heritage Legend Diver

Heritage Legend Diver that cost you $2,300 pays tribute to Longines’ dive watches back in the 1960s. Its design looks old-school because of the date it was once produced, but its inner parts are modern using a L888 caliber that is self-winding.

Longines Heritage Military

Longines Heritage Military looks precisely like the old watches used by pilots from the British Royal Air Force back in history. After all, Longines roots its men’s watches into the military. Its outer and material used looks exactly of the past, but the inside also uses the L888.2 caliber. You can have a famous watch from the past for only $2,150.

Longines Heritage Avigation Watch Type A-7 1935

This watch is made for pilots, with an off-centered dial created to help them use the watch without having to remove their hands to their control while on a flight. Inside, it uses an L788 movement which will give you 54 hours of power. This watch only costs $3,450.

Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch

In celebration and commemoration of  Charles A. Lindbergh’s non-stop solo flight coming from New York to Paris back in 1927, the Longines Lindbergh was released with only 90 pieces. The watch is still true to its original model and only costs about $3,099. This watch, by far, is the most iconic in their collection.


Although Longines Watches are often underestimated, their watches for men and women, in sports or not, provide an excellent service for its cost- accurate and durable in one. Because of their proven history, Longines is one of the most reputable watchmakers in the world. So, a Longines watch does not easily devalue, and it will always be patronage by many. 


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