What significance does live commerce play in the future?

Live streaming has gained momentum, particularly among high-end companies, while the COVID-19 epidemic kept consumers at home. The restrictions have also opened the door to more creative live-streaming programs.

More developments in the design and execution of Live Stream Shopping shows are undoubtedly on the way. Companies have been compelled to adopt as a result of the lockdown; restaurant chains are utilizing live streaming with famous visitors to keep consumers interested, while other businesses are streaming fashion displays and beauty tips.

So, will live-streamed eCommerce become the standard way of purchasing for customers in the future?   While live streaming for retail may never be able to fully duplicate the in-store purchasing experience, its attraction is obvious, particularly in terms of increasing brand recognition and reaching customers on their own terms.

Some of the major benefits of using our Live Streaming Commerce solution for your brand:

  • Demonstrations and launches of products in real-time- live commerce solution enables you to showcase and launch your products in real-time.
  • Hosting Live Competitions or Giveaways- You can also use it to run contests, live polls, and Q&A sessions to increase engagement.
  • Collaborations- Collaborating with celebrities, influencers, and brand supporters may help you expand your company’s reach.
  • Ease and entertainment- Streaming with our solution makes shopping much more convenient, interesting, and fun.
  • Product and Brand Stories- Helps you raise awareness about your brand and company, and it’s the ideal way to tell your brand’s backstory and narrative.
  • Flash Sales, Deals, and Discounts- By providing discounts and free goods, you may appeal to a wide range of customers.

Now, live shopping will always be there

In a purchasing experience, live commerce solutions offer a vital dose of human connection. Ecommerce buying is quick and easy, but companies have long sought to add human contact or an online shopping experience but haven’t been able to figure out how to do so.

Though a post-COVID existence is on the horizon, and some sort of normality will undoubtedly return, live shopping, like so many other new or adapted consumer behaviours and technology, will continue to be an important part of the purchasing experience.


Why is live streaming commerce gaining popularity?

Live shopping is a new kind of online buying experience made possible by modern internet video technologies.

Live commerce solution is becoming more popular for four reasons:

  1. COVID-19. The Coronavirus epidemic has made us more comfortable utilizing video call services for work and to interact with friends and family, in addition to hastening the trend toward online purchasing by up to 10 years. From there, purchasing from a video isn’t a big leap.
  2. People expect their experiences to be unique. Because of the participatory nature of the comments area on a live stream and the immediate response that the presenters of these videos may provide to viewers, live streaming commerce has a more personal sense than TV purchasing. It helps to improve the consumer experience by bringing back the sense of purchasing from a real person, as we did in the past from sales assistants in the shop. The anxiety and loneliness of living in a world of social distance contribute to the need for a personal, human touch.
  3. Influencers are a lot of fun. People want to see their favourite celebs through social media. Influencer marketing allows businesses to tap into this devotion by paying influencers large amounts of money to advertise their goods not just on their profiles and in their narratives, but also at live stream shopping and even online auctions.
  4. Technology for digital commerce is increasingly powerful. None of this would be feasible without the growing tendency in customer-facing online apps to include smarter and more accessible technologies.

Conclusion: Reimagining Online Shopping

Livestream shopping popularity: While some luxury labels have been experimenting with Livestream shopping in China, the epidemic has prompted many of them to begin live-streaming runway presentations in other parts of the world. It is becoming extremely popular in India as well.

Lower Distribution Expenses: When goods are sold to customers straight from a warehouse during a live shopping or interactive video, live stream shopping lowers overhead costs. The sequence of operations and procedures for receiving an order or creating a label has been simplified and made less time-consuming.

For businesses and merchants, live streaming technology partners have become indispensable: As the popularity of Livestream commerce grows, companies and retailers seeking to increase their return on investment will increase demand for technology partners that can assist them to provide high-quality live stream shopping and easy buying experiences.

Live commerce is anticipated to become widespread in the next several years across the world. In India, the influencer marketing strategy has already shown to be a tremendous success. Live stream shopping will appeal to a new generation of consumers who value the personal touch and convenience it provides. You may have a walk-through of our live commerce solution, and to seize this opportunity get in touch with us at info@channelize.io.

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